I-Meta Inc’s Webinar for Vendors

An Announcement for Prospective Discount Suppliers

Personalization and attributes analytics are innovative approaches to harnessing Big Data for Retail.  Attend our webinar to hear about how I-Meta Inc’s Spice Chip Technology System™ delights customers and provides retail analytics for vendors.

The first webinar will be on Thursday, March 29th at 1:00PM PST.  Once informed about our offering, the next step will be to  have your company become a discount supplier to a select group of subscribers who are essentially Brand Loyalists.

Why Your Company Should Attend

I-Meta Inc is a company that provides retail analytics to makers of exquisite brands who supply discounts to our Spice Chip subscribers.  These subscribers are high-net worth customers who provide preference data about brands they choose through interactively updating MySpiceRack, a front-end to a Big Data warehouse.

 Spice Chip Technology System’s My Spice Rack

Our Mission

I-Meta Inc’s mission is to help manage the voice of customer and voice of business relationships.  We believe that delighting customers with discounts on superior brands and identifying customer brand preferences will help vendors achieve operational excellence through the use of analytics that help match inventory to demand.

Ideal Audience

To make the most of your company’s time, decision makers and those involved in supplier agreements should plan to attend.  The sector is retail and includes all industries.  Following are some examples of organization roles:

  • CEOs and Chief Commercial Officers
  • Senior marketing and sales leaders
  • Senior public relations/communications leaders
  • Innovation leaders and strategists

Do not miss out!  Register now for this innovative event.

Cheers-Celia, CEO of I-Meta Inc

@IMetaSpiceChip | 702.889.3010 | info@spice-chip.com


Welcome to I-Meta Inc’s blog!

I am excited about our soon to launch My Spice Rack, a patent-pending technology which helps retail manufacturers achieve operational excellence while providing sweet discounts to our subscribers.

Girl carrying shopping bags
Exquisite Shoppers unite!

Our Purpose…

So, exactly what is operational excellence?  And, say more about those sweet discounts.   Well, I use the term operational excellence to refer to measurable and sustainable performance across costs, revenue and risk.  My professional career in corporate America was spent achieving operational excellence in global, billion-dollar market cap organizations.  It hit me one day that doing excellence in one company at a time was a deliberated effort to change some tough, often counter productive behaviors.  Given the state of slow death the U.S. retail industry suffers, a light bulb went off in my head to consider helping an entire industry instead.  An industry that I grew up becoming an avid consumer of rather exquisite products.

Your Passion…


CEO Celia poses with Corvette Z06
CEO Celia with the Corvette Z06

Which brings me to sweet discounts.  As a consumer of exquisite brands, I really LOVE getting discounts especially on current and newly released products.  Have you ever bought something duty free in an international airport and gotten a discount to purchase an additional item?  It makes me welcome shopping whenever I go abroad!  Do you like great discounts when you shop?  Are you a connoisseur of exquisite brands like Birkin handbags, Breitling watches, Tiffany sunglasses, Graff diamonds or even super cars like the Corvette Z06?


Spice Chip Brand Ambassadors

CEO Celia poses with Z06 in background
Spice Chip subscribers are brand ambassadors!

Join the Spice Chip community of brand ambassadors and receive the perks that come with worshiping the very best brands.  I-Meta Inc’s website, www.spice-chip.com will officially launch by end of first quarter 2018.