The Spice Chip Journey

Read About the Technology Behind Our Mission

The Technology and the Mission

The Technology

Spice Chip is a patented technology system that acquires, harvests, and analyzes Big Data. With methods for amassing its Big Data, Spice Chip consists of a set of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that learn data analysis requests. The system is built around establishing preference information from a variery of sources including direct customer interaction with modifying MySpice Rack and interpreting textual and video social media patterns of interaction. Vendors can also provide company data through a secure interchange that enables configuring employee satisfaction and perspectives. It gives companies a 360-view of brand performance in order to optimize predictive and pricing strategies.

The Mission

I-Meta's mission is to be the trusted source for Big Data and analytics that help companies optimize revenues. It achieves this through a total perspective for learning what brands customers most prefer and how successful an organization is aligned to deliver products and delight customers. Its Big Data offers a wealth of information that is harvested right and coupled with analytic tools that make it less complicated to understand what the data reveals. I-Meta offers a compelling knowledge source to companies of all sizes and across industries. Point-of-sale companies can truly benefit from its patented technology that provides predictive and pricing analytics.