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I-Meta is a B2B provider of Big Data. Its Spice Chip® Technology System offers a patented method for acquiring validated data. It is a Big Data offering in analytics where data is acquired from vendors and their consumers that opt in to receive offers on preferred brands. The product acquisition experience, brand preferences, social media sentiment and access to global data sources provide vendors with meta information used in predictive and pricing analytics. Data is harvested and mined with proprietary AI/ML algorithms. Our patented technology extends the reach of recommender systems to interrogate data, return predictions and suggest pricing discounts, as well as serving NLP features for consumer engagement. Vendors can augment the Spice Chip data with their company data such as employee engagement through a secure interchange. I-Meta services businesses of all sizes and customer base.

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The design of the Spice Chip Technology works with vBusinesses to embody a virtual experience for connecting with consumers in Metaverse. The cloud-based platform gives invisible support to the relationship fostered among product suppliers and those desiring to acquire them. The platform connects with participating vendors from various industries and offers just about any and every kind of product. The Spice Chip Technology experience is one of digital transacting in the virtual world.


We believe helping vendors gain awareness of their two valuable assets -- customers and employees -- will help vendors achieve operational excellence through the use of validated data and analytics that help match inventory to demand at optimum pricing. Our solutions will achieve this aim.


Take charge of your relationship with employees and with customers that opt-in for data building of the total company and brand perspectives

Predictive/Pricing Analytics

Ensure no money is left on the table by predicting future demand and optimizing your pricing strategy

Competitive Pulse

Use association analytics to discover your brand's preference ranking among other top preferred brands. Explore synergies with non-competitive lines

Big Data Build

Configure assets that enable harvesting of internal data as well as Spice Chip data for blended analysis coverage

Social Network Visualizations

From simple to deep segmentation, machine learning exposes patterns that help us improve decision making. (Refresh your browser if no graphic appears.)

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